BouncePad Floor Stands

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Written by William About June 11, 2021

These are our premium floor stands: sturdy, good-looking, and versatile. This document contains some "tips and tricks" for using iPads in a BouncePad floor stand, and some specific instructions for the use of BouncePad stands that we provide.

Unpacking (and packing)

We normally send these stands in black road cases. These cases have handles at both ends for lifting, and wheels on one end if you need to move the case.

To unpack the stand:

  • Lie the case down on the floor
  • Undo the two silver butterfly latches, and open the lid of the case
  • Holding the pole, lift the stand straight up out of the case (you might need to give it a wiggle), and set the stand base down on the floor
  • Each stand has a black cover over the base. Loosen the drawstring, then (this might be a two-person job) lift the stand slightly and ease the cover off the base. Place the cover back in the roadcase so it's not lost.

To pack the stand reverse the process.

Using an iPad with the stand

Here are some quick tips and shortcuts to help you use an iPad, while it's locked in the BouncePad stand.

  • To turn the iPad on lift up the base plate to reveal the USB cable. Plug in a battery pack (don't forget to turn the battery pack on, if required) or charger. After a few seconds you'll see the Apple logo on the iPad screen and the iPad will turn on. You can now remove the battery pack or charger and replace the stand base.
  • To exit an app and return to the Home screen use a "four-finger pinch gesture". Basically: stretch all your fingers of one hand outwards, then place all your fingertips on the iPad screen, then move your fingertips together.
  • To turn the iPad off open the Settings app, tap General (left hand side menu). Then, on the right hand side of the screen scroll to the bottom and tap Shutdown. Swipe along the top of the screen to confirm.