Terms and Conditions

This document is an agreement between MobileNet Ltd trading as iPad Hire ("iPad Hire") and the Hirer ("you").


No booking is confirmed until paid for in full or until written confirmation is received from iPad Hire. Written confirmation will typically be in the form of an email advising you that the booking has been confirmed.

Hire period

You agree to return the iPads and accessories to iPad Hire within 3 business days of the end of the hire period. If all iPads and accessories are not returned within 3 business days of the end of the hire period iPad Hire reserves the right to continue to charge hire at the daily rate for each iPad not returned until all iPads and accessories are returned to iPad Hire. You agree that this is a fair way of compensating iPad Hire for the disruption caused to other customers and the normal flow of business.


You may be required to pay a bond for each iPad hired. This bond will be refunded to your nominated New Zealand bank account on safe return of all iPads and accessories.

Freight & courier

You agree to pay iPad Hire to cover the cost of freight from iPad Hire's Whangarei base to your nominated location(s) in New Zealand. You agree to arrange and pay for the cost of return freight to iPad Hire's PO Box, unless iPad Hire provides a pre-paid courier service. You agree to send the iPads via a courier service that is fully-insured for the value of the iPads.

iPad Hire will not be held responsible for delays in the courier network; or held responsible for delays resulting from the action or inaction of iPad Hire's nominated courier service.

Terms of payment

Full payment of all hire fees and bond is required before release of the iPads to you. Unpaid invoices may be passed to a collection agency 45 days after the due date of the invoice.

Credit card payments

iPad Hire may charge a 4% credit-card processing fee on invoices settled using a credit card.

Responsibility for equipment

You are responsible for the iPad and accessories from the time they are received by you until the time iPad Hire receives them back.


You agree to pay iPad Hire for the repair of any damage that iPad Hire reasonably believes, acting reasonably and after due and proper inquiry, is not normal wear and tear.

iPad Hire thoroughly tests each iPad before it is sent out on hire. In the rare case that a damaged or faulty iPad or accessory is received by you iPad Hire will work with you to expediently replace the damaged or faulty iPad or accessory.

Loss and damage waiver policy

This section is only relevant if you choose to pay for iPad Hire's Loss and Damage Waiver. The Loss and Damage Waiver policy covers loss or damage as a result of physical and external means. This policy is subject to:

You accept and agree that the Loss and Damage Waiver Policy set out herein only covers losses detailed above and any other loss including but without limitation any personal injury or any consequential loss either directly or indirectly as a result of damage to or loss of the covered items shall be excluded and specifically agrees that the following exclusions to a successful claim on the Loss and Damage Waiver apply:

A fee applies for each lost or damaged iPad.

Modifications and repair

You will not attempt to modify or repair the iPad or accessories.

Data and privacy

The instructions we send with each hire request that you erase each iPad before it is returned to iPad Hire. This process includes removing any iCloud account information on the iPad. You agree and understand to perform this action in order to protect your privacy and ensure the destruction of any confidential or business information that may be on the iPads.

Remote management

iPad Hire enrolls each iPad in a mobile device management programme. This allows iPad Hire to view and control some aspects of the iPads remotely. This is typically used to configure the iPads for our customers but does allow iPad Hire staff to view information and settings on individual iPads.


You will not hold iPad Hire liable in any event for any damages (including immediate, incidental or consequential damages) or losses you may suffer arising from matters related to the use of the equipment by any person during the period of hire.

Ownership of equipment

iPad Hire will retain ownership of all iPads and accessories.

Cancellation of hire

iPad Hire may cancel the hire of any or all iPads at any time by providing 5 days written notice. Hire costs for the remaining hire period will be refunded pro-rata.

iPad Hire’s commitment

We love hiring our iPads and are trying our best to provide a great service. If you have any problems, comments or suggestions please phone us at any time NZ toll free 0800 77 86 76 or email [email protected].