mPOP Setup

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Written by William About August 06, 2021

We recommend you setup each iPad and mPOP one a time.

  1. Turn the mPOP upside down and connect the iPad USB cable to the USB port marked "Tablet". Plug the black power cable into the power socket.
  2. Push the power and USB cables into the cable guides so that the cables exit the underside of the mPOP cleanly. We often run the cables to the back of the mPOP (away from the receipt printer and cash drawer).
  3. Turn the mPOP up the right way and plug it into power. There's a small white power switch on the left-hand side of the mPOP that might need to be turned on.
  4. Turn the iPad on, open the Settings app, tap Bluetooth and look for the mPOP device. We have labelled each mPOP unit with the Bluetooth device name on the front of the cash drawer. Tap "Connect" to link the iPad to the mPOP.
  5. Open your POS app (Vend, Shopify, posBoss) and go into the Settings area, and then add a printer. The mPOP should appear in the devices list.