Point of Sale Kit Setup

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Written by William About August 06, 2021

Instructions for setting up a single point of sale kit, compatible with:, Shopify, Vend, posBoss, Lightspeed/Kounta.

Our point of sale kit usually consists of:

  • iPad in stand
  • Cash drawer and key
  • 4G WiFi router + network cable
  • Receipt printer + power cable

This kit is compatible with:

  • Shopify
  • Vend
  • posBoss
  • Lightspeed/Kounta

Setup for one point of sale kit is as follows:

  1. Place the cash drawer and receipt printer. We usually place the printer on the right-hand side of the cash drawer (for right-handed operators).
  2. Connect the black cable from the back of the cash drawer to the small "DK" port on the back of the receipt printer.
  3. Plug the WiFi router in to power near the receipt printer, and make sure the WiFi router turns on (there'll be some dim white lights on the front of the router). There's a small, round, power button on the back next to where the power cable connects to the back of the router.
  4. Connect an ethernet cable to a yellow LAN port on the WiFi router and the ethernet port on the receipt printer.
  5. Connect the power cable to the printer and turn the printer on (small switch on the side of the printer).
  6. Connect the iPad to the WiFi network. The WiFi details are on the underside of the WiFi router on a white sticker. The WiFi network will be named similar to "iPadHire.co.nz - HS20x".
  7. Open your point of sale app. Look for a settings option, and then printers. There's usually a search option which should show the Star/EPSON printer after a few seconds.

You can open the cash drawers manually with the key, or using the receipt printer after a sale; there'll be an option in your point of sale app for this.